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Folk metal from Limburg.


Founded back in 2013 as Annwyn by Björn Gillissen and Jordan duinkerken, the original goal was to make music inspired by Fantasy, Dungeons and Dragons, history and Metal. Shortly after its founding, they recruited Quincy Heynen on drums and Falco Gillissen on Harmonica and flute. After some switches in band members. The band recruited Debbie Duijzings on Bass guitar and after that Jason Dool Joined the party.  The band had a few ups and downs, and they rebranded as Annrys in 2019. After some difficult times, folk metal band Annrys finally finished their first album ‘Under The Northern Lights’. Proud of their work and happy with the songs they created they look forward to lots of gigs and making new music.


Annrys is a folkmetal band that takes inspiration from bands like

Korpiklaani, Alestorm, Ensiferum and Finntroll. Their members

currently are:

  • Björn Gillissen on vocals.
  • Jordan Duinkerken on guitar.
  • Quincy Heynen on drums.
  • Falco Gillissen on flute and harmonica.
  • Debbie Duijzings on bass guitar and growls.
  • Jason Dool on guitar.

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